5 Tips for a Budget-Friendly Marketing Plan Post-COVID

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Owning a business often involves long hours and a long list of expenses. Especially during the pandemic, you need all the tips and tricks out there to ensure success. Fortunately, a cohesive marketing plan doesn’t need to break the bank. Here are five tips for creating a cost-effective marketing approach without spending a ton of cash.

Keep Your Team in the Loop

Part of keeping costs low is eliminating miscommunication. A lack of quality connection can mean more time wasted on a project. So, improving remote collaboration should be a priority, no matter the size or scope of your staff.

To ensure your staff, freelancers or a combination of the two can work together no matter where they are, try free and low-cost collaboration apps. You may also want to design an onboarding process that helps new hires orient themselves with your brand and their responsibilities.

Add Software, Not Staff

Having a handful of high-performing staff (or freelance contractors) is worth the investment. Indeed, onboarding a contractor is a more cost-effective route than hiring another employee.  But you can rely on tools to get the job done at an even lower cost.

Many tasks in your business may benefit from automation via a software product like those offered by Softosis. Modern algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) are more precise than ever—you can even look to software to enhance your cybersecurity.

Find Financial Support

Attracting customers and ensuring their safety can require some up-front investments. Thankfully, there are options for business owners who need a boost. Some loan and grant options are standard offerings for companies, while others are specific to the coronavirus crisis.

Small business resources such as the ZenBusiness Grant Program, Small Business Association (SBA) loans, or CARES Act grants might be a perfect fit for your needs. Check out various options and consider a combination of funding that includes loans, grants, and even crowdfunding.

Know Your Customers’ Pain Points

Marketing often involves defining your customers’ pain points. And while this is always a relevant exercise in business, it’s even more crucial during the pandemic. Knowing what your customers want and need from your business can help you develop a marketing plan.

As Customer Think explains, pain points typically involve four categories: financial, assistance, streamline, and productivity. However, COVID-19 is throwing a wrench in things because customers are now prioritizing their health and safety over other pain points.

By addressing both aspects of the customer experience, you can develop marketing materials that speak to your audience. You can also develop a reopening plan that adapts the customer experience and instils confidence, notes McKinsey.

Let Your Website Do the Talking

Tons of consumers have questions about what businesses are open and what companies are following state and local reopening guidelines. They’re also interested in how companies are adapting their offerings during this difficult time.

Updating your website regularly helps your search engine ranking—but it can also be a tool for connecting with customers. By letting your company’s website do the talking, you can save valuable employee hours spent answering phone calls.

If you don’t already have a business website, now is the time to get started. For companies with physical locations, start with setting up a Google My Business listing so consumers can find you easily on mobile devices and elsewhere online. Then, try a low-cost website builder for creating your branded site.

Marketing can be a beast whether there’s a global pandemic raging or not. However, during these trying times, it’s more important than ever to get your business plan in order. Ensuring that consumers feel respected, valued, and safe with your company is a priority. With these five tips, you can create a cost-effective marketing plan that factors in your budget and your customers’ pain points—and an approach that effectively addresses both.

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The article was written by Naomi Johnson

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