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Quotes are the thoughts of the great people that help us to motivate ourselves during our tough time to go through quite easily. Generally, they are the source of encouragement but now these are also been forwarded to friends,relatives etc. Forwarding motivating or funny quotes has become a daily habit.

Everyone looks for the new and the best quotations available and there are thousand’s of quotes that are available on internet, but if you own an Android smartphone then you must look at a list of best free Quote apps!

These apps offer you best quotes from different categories and you can simply forward them to anyone you want. Here are the 10 best free quotes apps.



Free Buddha Quotes & Buddhism !

Everyone must know about Buddha and the knowledge he had. Now all of his knowledge is available as quotes via this free app.

Install it on your phone and get quotes about life, success and definitely about Buddhism.

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The Best Life Quotes

An admirable quotes that looks fair as UI is very sweet and beautiful enough to display best life quotes. This app allow you to share directly on the Facebook, Twitter or Gmail. You can also rate the particular quote.

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The Greatest Quotes

This app includes the collection of great persons and thinkers of great time that have changed the humankind like Churchill, Lincoln, Einstein and others. You can directly share them on your social networks.

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Love and Romance Quotes

This app includes love category quotes with pink UI background. You must try this app if you like to send love or romantic quotes to your dear one. You can directly share with them via messages and e-mails or on your social networks

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Everyday Quotes

This app offers you quotes from all categories in seven different languages. You can keep the quote at your home screen and share with your friends.

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Abraham Lincoln Quotes

Abraham Lincoln was a skillful person and his sayings are the best source of courage. This app covers all his sayings. You can install this app for free and can have access to Lincoln’s quotes about war, life, philosophy and others.

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Brilliant Quote and Quotations

This app covers about 3,000 quotations relating to long list of categories but has one demerit that it shows a lot of ads. UI looks simple and app is available for free at Google Play Store.

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Beautiful Life Quotes

It has got lots of options with a number of great quotes by great people, although the UI is not so good but new quotes are added daily.

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Bible Quotes

This app includes all the quotations from the Holy Bible which are related to human’s life. This app will inspire not only you but also those to whom you’re forwarding this.

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Inspiring Quotes

This app has a large collection of quotations though the UI here is not good.

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