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Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus helps you to protects android smartphone or tablet from malware and viruses, and has different options like privacy protection, app lock, internet security, and anti-theft.

Give your android mobile devices THE PROTECTION IT DESERVES! from viruses and privacy “intruders” with Bitdefender Mobile Security! computer Security Labs publicised this stylish app with a 5 STAR AWARD, thus you recognize you’ll be able to trust it to stay your device, your data, and your privacy safe!

  • Malware Scanner – severally tested to sight 100 percent of the unhealthy stuff
  • Privacy Advisor- shows you the way put in apps use, and presumably abuse, your personal data
  • Web Security – protects you in period of time once browsing websites mistreatment Chrome and Android’s default browsers
  • Anti-theft – options its own internet dashboard that enables you to send SMS commands, lock, track, and wipe your robot from any Internet-connected device
  • APP Lock – blankets your most data-sensitive apps with another layer of pin-coded security, to avoid exploitation!

There’s continuously a giant thought that android devices aren’t at risk of virus and malware. though android has become safer by the day, hackers and scammers keep performing on new ways that to crack the devices. Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus was designed to eliminate threats on your smartphone. It additionally has associate degree anti-theft feature that may assist you recover your phone once stolen or erase your knowledge before somebody accesses it. I used the antivirus and it extremely has quite an variety of helpful options.

User interface

Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus features a refined user interface, with the bulk of the tools accessible from the dropdown on the left facet. things on the UI square measure properly spaced and work quick and expeditiously.

Malware and virus scan

When I ran my 1st scan, what i actually noted is that Bitdefender is quick. among around ten seconds, I had ran a scan of the complete tablet. However, since no malware was found, I had to search out how of experimenting whether or not it works fine or not. I used the EICAR app for robot since it the simplest thanks to run a virus-like get into a controlled atmosphere. I found this take a look at as a result of if Bitdefender was to fail in improvement up the app, my phone wouldn’t be in a very mess anyway.

It detected app throughout installation associate degreed gave Maine an choice to delete it. you’ll be able to additionally like better to ignore, however the flashing orange or red color can indicate that your phone isn’t safe.

Internet security

Whether you’re browsing on a browser or accessing the net via any application, Bitdefender provides security on your phone.

Anti-Theft feature

Perhaps the foremost fascinating feature of Bitdefender Mobile Security and Antivirus is that the anti-theft feature. it’s 2 options; internet management, and SMS management. On the online management, you’ll be able to find a stolen phone via Google Maps, lock the phone remotely, wipe it, or activate a scream feature.

The SMS section comes in handy once you don’t seem to be close to a pc and helps you trigger its message causing capabilities in order that the phone will text you its location or maybe wipe knowledge through a message command.


You can lock applications employing a pin or block applications from running. It additionally warns you concerning apps that may scan your personal knowledge.

  • Blocks latest malware, spyware, Trojans and other threats..
  • Includes various features privacy protection, app lock, web security, and anti-theft.

  • Internet connectionrequired for you to scan and realize m

9.7 Total Score

Bitdefender to be one of the leading Antivirus and Malware tool for smartphones. It’s a deal you can’t afford to miss. I recommend it.

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