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Individual or small and big businesses store a large amount of information on their computers, including client information, contact lists, payroll data, email correspondence, spreadsheets, and various data pertaining to certain jobs or projects. The loss can be disastrous for a company, and can incur thousands of dollars in cost as their employees work around the clock to gather the information lost, as it is vital for the business’s day-to-day functionality.

Data Recovery Software Defined

Data recovery software are programs – some free, some paid for – That will undelete, repair, recover and restore data that has been lost. Data recovery software provides individuals and companies with the ability to restore any files that have been permanently deleted, regardless of the cause. The majority of data recovery programs will recover any files lost as a result of a power surge, failed hard drive, virus attack, formatting loss, file corruption, unexpected system shutdown or system failure.

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How it Works

When a file is “deleted” by the user, the file has not actually been removed from the computer, but rather, the information showing the location of the file has been deleted, and the hard drive has been given permission to write over the file. File recovery works by restoring the bit of information that shows where the file is located. Restoring files that have been corrupted, however, is, hit-or-miss. Data recovery software can work to recover the majority of the files, but random pieces of the file can be lost or written over, thereby making it corrupt and inaccessible.

Selection and Cost of Data Recovery Software

One thing to consider when looking into data recovery software is which file system your PC is running? There are two common types of file system, they are FAT 32 and NTFS. You need to make sure that the data recovery software you choose supports the file structure on your data storage media. There are also some other less common file structures such as FAT 12, FAT 16 and NTFS5.

The best data recover software should have tools that allow you to recover data from multiple sources such as your hard disk as well as from CD or thumb drive.

The data recover software should also be able to recover part or all of the data. Basically you can choose to recover one file or multiple files easily.

The price of file recovery software is extremely affordable, especially when compared to the cost of time loss incurred by having to manually relocate every file lost. Basic data recovery software can be found for around $40 (ideal for individual or personal use), and more advanced recovery software runs from $60 to $300 depending on the amount of different file formats needing recovery. Some software companies offer free trials, which will either a) locate and restore a small amount of files lost, or b) locate all files lost, but requires the software be purchased in order to complete the restoration.

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Wondershare Data Recovery

Wondershare Data Recovery

$ 23.97 -40%
Wondershare Data Recovery is a powerful yet easy-to-use Windows data recovery software that can recover your deleted, formatted, lost and inaccessible data from PC, USB drive, external hard drive, mobile phone, digital camera, iPod, MP3/ MP4 player, and other storage media.
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Piriform Recuva Professional

Piriform Recuva Professional

$ 21.21 -15%
Recuva File Recovery is your best defense against data loss. The wizard quickly and easily find files on your drives. Or, use the power mode to gain full control over all settings. Either way, you’ve got the power of Recuva to get your files back
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Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit

Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit

$ 54.95 -50%
Macgo iPhone Manager Toolkit gives you full package to maintain data in your Apple iPhone, iPad & iPod devices. Toolkit offers three most important iOS special software includes Macgo iPhone Cleaner for Mac, Macgo Mac iPhone Data Recovery and Macgo iPhone Explorer. All three software holds some outstanding features which comes handy while you need to access & organize data in iOS 8 !

How to Use Data Recovery Software

Installing and running software for data recovery does not require assistance, but in case you need one then majority of software companies provide 24/7 customer support.

Once the software has been installed, follow the on-screen instructions for restoring or locating the missing/deleted files.


Should recovery software be purchased as a precaution? An estimated 13% of all hard drives fail per year. Stretch this statistic over several decades, and the average person will experience at least one hard drive failure in their lifetime. Software should not be purchased as a precaution, since it makes no difference if the software is purchased before or after the hard drive fails – it won’t work to prevent a crash, it only works to relocate and restore the files lost after a crash. I believe that although you can get this type of software for free, paying a premium for a much more complete package is the way to go in this case.


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