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DxO Film Pack is a film simulation software, that brings look and feel of traditional film photos to your digital images. The software can simulate up to 60 film types including Kodachrome, Fuji Reala, Tri-X, Velvia and others. In addition, you can adjust contrast, saturation and toning based on several presets, and adjust the intensity of digitally simulated film grain effects based on popular film brands. DxO FilmPack faithfully renders the colors, saturation, contrast, and grain of analog photography on your digital photos based on a proprietary calibration method. Film Pack 5 can be used as either a standalone product or plug-in for Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements or similar, plug-in enabled software. This software simulates the colour and grain of some of the most popular emulsions ever produced. Some favorites include Fuji Velvia and Kodak Kodachrome 64.

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