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When you buy a new Smart phone, it is fast and smooth. With passing time it start’s getting slow and laggard right? So you must want to know how to speed up your Smart phone in an easy and money-saving way. Here are some ways to make your old phone run faster and smoother.

Know Your Phone’s Running Status

Before you actually try something to speed up your phone, firstly you should know your phone’s running status. If, you feel that your phone is slow, but you don’t exactly know how slow it is. Here is an app called Phone Speed Tester which will tell you that how exactly your phone is slow. It is specially designed for Android Smart phone user to test your phone’s running speed by comparing your test result with others’. Your phone needs to be optimized if your test score is below average in the same series.

Increase Boot-Up Speed

After knowing your phone’s running status, now you need to manage your boot list. Why? You must have experience of long boot up of your phone because Android OS will auto-load some processes and apps. As a result, too many processes and apps that boot up together with your phone’s system will slow down your boot speed, as well as your phone’s running speed. You need to know what processes and apps will auto-boot up with the system? How to safely manage them? The answer to this question is Startup Manager app, which cleans up boot list and speed up phone’s boot speed. It clearly shows what apps and processes are configured to auto-run during system start-up. Startup Manager helps you safely disable any unwanted app or process from running by a simple click.

Kill Running Processes to Speed Up Your Phone

Smart phone runs multiple tasks in the foreground and background at the same time. Is your phone still slow after you have exited the running apps? It seems that you have exited them completely but infact, they are still running in the background to slow down your phone. A good task manager is a must for Smart phone in order to speed up android. Advanced Task Manager can comes here to your rescue by allowing you to easily end the running tasks, services and processes to free up space in memory, speed up phones and save battery.

  • Easy to use
  • View System info, like CPU, Memory and SD card current usages
  • Quick boot list manager
  • Quick uninstaller

Free Up Space by Uninstalling Unwanted Apps

Available memory is quite important for Smart phone speed. Too many apps installed on your phone can slow down it. The more available memory your phone has, the faster it runs. You can uninstall  rarely used apps by turning to Menu> Settings > Applications > Manage Applications. But this traditional way has some disadvantages. For example, you cannot back up for the apps that are going to be removed. It is quite annoying that you have to uninstall them one by one. Your better option is to use App Uninstaller to remove your unwanted apps. You have an option to back them up before you uninstall them; thus, you can easily reinstall them instead of search them again.


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