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Kaspersky has quite the good reputation with the software defending well against threats with previous versions winning more awards  than any other security product. Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 leaves you under no false impressions that your PC is safe and  secure.Kaspersky antivirus is best internet security software to protect your Pc from online and virus attacks. It has the ability to detect, prevent and remove malware, which this software does extremely well, including protection from spyware, rootkits, security exploits and screen lockers.

Kaspersky’s interface is friendly and easy to use.It is not only highly accurate and responsive but also intuitively designed to make it easy for even security novices to tweak its settings. The Protection Center settings display a simple list of all of the suite’s features, with toggle switches that allow you to enable or disable each one individually. If a particular option isn’t sitting well with other software


  • Protect you against the latest viruses and malware attacks
  • Provides security that won’t compromise performance
  • Stop’s the criminal to spy on you via your webcam
  • Prevent theft of your money & financial information
  • Don’t let the ‘Identity-Thieves’ take control
  • Ensure kids can enjoy the Internet in safety
  • Stay safe & manage costs of your data usage

You can ensure the software doesn’t interrupt the everyday usage of your PC. Perhaps most important for gamers is the Gaming Profile, which switches off pop-up notifications while you’re running a full-screen application. You can also set Internet Security 2015 to only perform updates and scans while your PC is idle, and give other applications and the operating system priority so scans won’t take place until the software believes it won’t cause any slowdown. Since the software updates itself often, the updates are small and don’t slow down your computer.

To keep your financial data safe, Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 has Safe Money which is similar to the Bitdefender’s SafePay . It isolates the browser from other processes and prevents screen capture. You can use the virtual keyboard for even more security in either case. However, the implementation is rather different.You can also enable Safe Money, a dedicated secure browser specifically made to handle financial transactions. In order to use Safe Money, you’ll need configure Kaspersky settings that which websites you’d like to open the specialised browser. When you visit a website you’ve added to the list, the Kaspersky browser add-on will suggest you open the Safe Money browser.

It includes includes a virtual keyboard that prevents another form of malware called a keylogger. Keyloggers monitor what you press on your keyboard so they can infer logins and passwords and credit card numbers. The virtual keyboard lets you type into an onscreen keyboard. In addition to its antimalware features, Kaspersky provides antiphishing, which means that it warns about the safety of sites and blocks access if you try to go to a malicious site.Kaspersky has the ability to make backup copies of files before malicious encryptions happen.

It scans email and instant messages for threats, it automatically scans removable media such as USB drives. Social media protection is included along with a firewall, parental controls and a bootable rescue CD.

Kaspersky  automatically verifies the security of the Wi-Fi connection you’re using, checks for vulnerabilities, warns you about potential risks and advises you on adjusting your security settings.It also has automatic feature to prevent you exceeding the data limit that you set, so you can easily manage and optimize your data traffic usage

Kaspersky protects computers in real time against malware, identity theft , phishing and and provides safety to your online financial transactions. Kaspersky Internet Security has proven its effectiveness repeatedly in independent software evaluations. Tests conducted by AV-Test in the 2015 showed the software to be 100 percent effective against all threats.

System Requirements
OS Compatibility: Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 CPU: 1 GHz 32-bit (x86) / 64-bit (x64) RAM: 1 GB (32-bit) or 2 GB (64-bit) Hard Disk: 480 MB
  • Top scores from antivirus test labs
  • Useful tune-up tools. Intelligent firewall. Accurate spam filter.
  • Effective parental control.
  • Safe browser for financial transactions.

  • Parental control offers no remote notification or monitoring.

10 Total Score
Kaspersky Internet Security 2015

Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 protects your home computer and keep it running smoothly.

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