McAfee Internet Security 2015

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McAfee gives you fine control over scanning of your device . You can select automatic scanning of all files or you can specify items to exclude. You can also control whether to scan email attachments, instant message attachments and network drives. McAfee boost computer performance by erasing files that don’t required by PC. It permanently erases files with a shredder so that nobody would be able to retrieve them with file recovery utilities. One of the reasons that McAfee is among the best internet security software ranks is that system resources can be optimized. You can adjust the settings to minimize effect on PC speed.

McAfee’s antispam is a top-notch, which blocks all malicious URL and filters POP3 email accounts and integrates with Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail, and Thunderbird.McAfee’s antispam has received good marking from independent testing labs .It blocks spam and dangerous email.As usual, if you’re using an email client that’s not supported, you simply define a message rule to shunt the marked spam messages into their own folder.

It’s parental control system offers the basics, and only the basics. It blocks websites in unwanted categories, lets parents define a schedule for Internet access, and reports attempts to visit blocked sites or use the Internet during forbidden times.It had an unusually high performance impact on the file-operation components.

McAfee Internet Security has a good two-way firewall which is a foundationto internet security because it filters which applications can enter or leave a PC. A firewall also hides your PC from the internet and blocks internet access entirely. However, if you prefer your internet security suite and firewall to be from the same publisher, then that’s what you have with McAfee.

McAfee has included a vulnerability scanner to update your Windows installation and your applications. It automatically tells you update software’s which has security flaws.
Whenever you attach removable storage media such as a USB thumb drive, McAfee automatically scans it for threats. McAfee also includes a password manager, a bootable rescue CD, file shredder. However it does not include online backup.

System Requirements
Operating System Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 RAM Required: 2 GB Space Required: 500 MB Processor Speed:1 GHz
  • Very good spam filtering.
  • Can filter spam from webmail accounts.

  • Some performance impact on file operations.

9.1 Total Score
McAfee Internet Security 2015

McAfee Internet Security 2015 includes everything you'd expect with some of the components are quite effective.

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