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You love your iPad or your iPhone, however does one ever extremely feeling control? Are you able to tune it up once it starts to go down, or fix the software package if it starts to go wrong? Are you able to clear the storage space of junk files while not jumping through hoops, or backup and restore your information quickly, such as you will on your laptop or Mac? Most of all, can you transfer the music, films and television programmes you would like to get pleasure from without having to figure your method around iTunes’ restrictions, or even install your own apps? In several cases the solution are going to be no, and while Apple can tell you it’s that method for your own protection,wouldn’t it’s nice to own a bit a lot of freedom sometimes?A package like Tenorshare’s iPhone Care professional will provide you with that freedom. Available for both Windows and Mac OS X, it’s a collection of six tools that place you on top of things of your iOS devices, so you’ll be able to transfer your own files, clean-up your storage, fix and repair iOS or even backup and restore your information while not having to go throughiTunes initial. It works with all iOS devices, even those running the latest version of iOS, iOS 9.2, and continual updates can keep it working with upcoming iOS versions . Don’t be control back by poor tools or kooky restrictions; with one cheap little bit of software package, you’re incharge.

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The interface of iPhone Care professional is pretty well-designed. It’s sleek and behaves as a Windows application ought to, with no lag. There have been some unfortunate problems encountered wherever text wasn’t positioned properly. Like within the example higher than, you’ll be able to see that the text runs off the delimited space a bit bit, however it isn’t an excessive amount of of an enormous deal.

Overall, the software package runs because it ought to and doesn’t bug, therefore there isn’t abundant else to mention regarding it. It works as meant.


Tuneup And Cleaning

The most necessary issue iPhone Care professional will is permit you to mend and tune iOS yourself. The a lot of we have a tendency to use an iPhone or IPad, the more cache files, temporary files, unwanted logs and cookies it accumulates, not simply seizing valuable storage however typically slows the whole device down.

Click on iPhone Care Pro’s acceleration & Clean tool and you’re given 2 straight forward ways that to type that out: a Quick Clean, which fits through and removes the bulk of the junk and a Deep Clean that takes longer, however frees up a lot of storage space. Whichever method you go, you ought to find yourself with a lot of storage to play up to hr in some cases  and make an iPhone or IPad that runs faster than before.


Backup and Restore

iOS doesn’t typically go down, however once it will it will be harmful. iPhones that refuse besides or that mire process through recovery mode are a true nightmare. Luckily, iPhone Care professional will place your device back in action. Firstly, its Repair operating system option downloads and so installs the newest version of iOS on your device, even planning to the extent of re-locking an unlocked iPhone or iPad or pull a jail-broken device back to the non-Jail broken fold. And if you’re cursed a tool wherever the house and Power buttons have stopped operating, iPhone Care professional provides you how to get it back to work it back on its feet. iPhone Care professional isn’t finished nonetheless, however.

Use the Backup & Restore tool to create regular backups of your device’s storage direct to your macintosh or PC’s fixed disk, and you’ll be able to restore apps and information to your iPad or iPhone when it’s fixed with simply many clicks. Sure, there’s nothing here you couldn’t do with the iPhone’s recover mode, iCloud and iTunes, however iPhone Care professional makes the total method quicker and easier. It’s a more robust thanks to get a tricky job done. Meanwhile, iPhone Care Pro’s Ads take away tool removes or blocks advertising from ad-supported apps, which means you’ll be able to use the apps you love while not the ads that get on your nerves. Combine of these options beside a slick, efficient interface, and you have got a powerhouse utility that puts you back in command.


Fix Various iOS Stuck

Your iPhone might experience problems after you upgrade to a brand new version of iOS, or because of warming . Apple has tools to correct these issues, however not invariably respond as they must and there comes Tenorshare iPhone Care professional to your rescue, with it’s advanced solutions. Specifically, it’s permitting us is to force entry and exit in DFU mode and recovery. They’re treated within the systems accustomed repair an iPhone, and with these tools increase the possibilities of resolution to errors. Most users would prefer to use these features if your iPhone get frozen in one of these modes. Still, though, it’s nice feature to have.


Manage Files

iTunes is ok for managing many tracks, videos and photos, but the larger your collections, the a lot of you want for a quicker, more effective tool. Click on iPhone Care Pro’s Files Manager and you’ll find it. you’ll be able to tackle your Contacts information, your Music, Video and exposure libraries. Even your notes, calendar and safari bookmarks, all from among one interface. you’ll be able to choose things one by one, add new ones or delete them, and even export files on to your Macintosh or PC. You don’t have to be compelled to load iTunes in the slightest degree.

This can be a true boon once you’re iOS device is filling up, leaving you unable to require a lot of photos or install a lot of apps. Even getting obviate unwanted photos from your iPhone will be a challenge, with iOS hanging onto the files even post-deletion if you’re exploitation iCloud to adjust your photos. With iPhone Care professional, you’ll be able to simply select your photos, transfer them to your pc and so ditch them, all with simply a few of clicks. you’ll be able to manage files one at a time or click a checkbox to feature them to a range, making it easier to handle them in bulk. It’s virtually easy.

Plus, if you’ve ever tried to get rid of duplicate contacts from your iPhone, you’ll appreciate however simply iPhone Care professional tackles the duty. Plus, iPhone Care professional permits you to do one issue that you simply will ne’er do through iTunes, and that’s install  or side load your own apps. For the apparent security reasons you wish to use caution regarding wherever you supply these apps from, however it’s one among the simplest ways that to undertake an app in development before it makes it to the app store.


Operating system repair

What to try to to with our iPhone doesn’t operate properly and don’t have a backup? fortuitously, Tenorshare iPhone Care professional offers the chance to transfer associate degree software system image to the pc and install it . within the method however no information is lost if we have a tendency to discharged the iPhone with prisonbreak, the modification is reversed.

Apple puts issue performing arts the method outside of iTunes, however the assistant Tenorshare iPhone Care professional helps U.S. to execute quickly. Of course, a valuable resource for those that expertise along with your iPad, iPhone or iPad application and generally injury the software system. during a very little clicks we’ve the device as new.

Of course, repairing the software system Tenorshare iPhone Care professional is beneficial. Again, it ought to be one thing that’s generally used only a few, however quality Apple software package is not any longer what it absolutely was , therefore this tool becomes more and more necessary.


Removing ADs

This feature will remove any ad banners or other ads present in any app on your device. You  just have to choose the applications you want to remove ads from. I’m not sure if it works for all apps, but every app I tried it on worked flawlessly. This is possibly worth the cost of admission alone. This is a useful option, especially in case of aggressive advertising and this may be worth it for you to put an end to them.

We have reviewed the options available in Tenorshare iPhone Care professional, and our analysis has shown that you can simply run program as your wish to repair, defend and optimize your iPhone . The reality is that it offers all the options of iTunes with simple use, and provides distinctive capabilities extremely valuable.

Of course, several of the restrictions of iPhones are eliminated, provideing you with full control over your device and a lot of management of the device and that work best. Therefore, we will advocate Tenorshare iPhone Care professional , software package that care has established to be terribly helpful.

System Requirements
Supported OS:Windows 10/Windows 8.1/Windows 8/7/Vista/XP (32-bit/64-bit)

Supported OS: Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, 10.7, 10.6 and so on

Supported iOS: iOS 9.2/9.1/9/8/7, and lower

Supported Devices

  • iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, iPad Air, iPad mini 3/2, iPad mini, iPad 4 (iPad with Retina Display), iPad 3 (the New iPad), iPad 2, iPad
  • iPhone 6s/6s Plus, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 5s/5c/5, iPhone 4S, iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, etc.
  • iPod touch 6G, iPod touch 5G, iPod touch 4G, iPod touch 3G, iPod nano, etc.

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  • Simple and easy to use.
  • Tools for Optimizing, removing errors and ads from app.
  • Better than iTunes, gives you complete control over your device.

  • None


9.9 Total Score
Tenorshare iPhone Care professional, an entire resolution for your iPhone/ Ipad or Ipod

It is such a wonderful tool for iOS device giving you a complete access to your device which iTunes doesn't and performs better tasks than it.

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