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Wondershare Video Editor is the best video editing software that let’s you do editing by adding a touch of hollywood. It is a best movie maker software for your videos. It includes many filters, 300+ effects, texts, transitions . It is very easy and simple to use and ideal for beginners, as the layout mirrors professional apps like Adobe Premier, but is much simpler. If you are inexperienced with video editing software, no need to worry because this editing software includes a wizard which can do all the hard work. You just need to add media file and to select template to translate your video into something special. And ofcourse , if you want to do it of your own you can add many more special effects.


After launching the program, the user can choose between two aspect ratios – 16:9 and 4:3. The workspace contains a file manager, a timeline and a preview pane. Once video, image and audio files are imported, they are moved onto the timeline for editing, where the options include trim, cut, split, rotate, set fade in and out, speed and more. To add a creative touch, Wondershare Video Editor offers a large number of effects and filters like comic or vintage styles, transitions and color corrections. Audio of the recording can be adjusted, muted or overlaid with music. Finalized movies are exported to variety of formats for portable devices or high-quality viewing, for example DVD. Online sharing is made easy with direct upload to video platforms such as YouTube.

  • Auto Split
  • Preview in Full Screen
  • Drag & Drop Media and Effects
  • Sound Effects
  • 300+ Effects
  • Auto Enhance
  • Face Off
  • Close Ups
  • Timeline/Storyboard
  • Take Snapshots
  • Favourite Collection
  • Share Online

With Wondershare Video Editor, you can simply import video and sound files into the Media window, and then drag them onto the time-line below. Here you can edit your files, adding sound, effects, trasitions between scenes and credit sequences.The basic editing and transition tools are good in Wondershare Video Editor, allowing you to quickly and easily stitch together a video from clips. You can use features like auto enhancing your picture quality in one-click with auto-denoise and auto contrast/brightness enhancemen,. replacing faces in your video with artful masks or focus on the people and things that are most important in the shot. There are variety of other tools you can use apart from these.

If you’re looking for an easy way to edit videos, but aren’t ready for Premier, Wondershare Video Editor is a good place to start.

Wondershare video editor is extremely user friendly unlike many other video editors. Nothing complicated when using the tools and functions and Wondershare video editor has a wide selection you need to do a great video. I make video’s of myself playing my guitar.When I make mistakes playing,I can remove the small sections of video and splice them together without noticing.The effects make it fun and a cool video too.I love the wide selection of formats and being able to control the output settings. Like a Pro..

Very special and easy to use top class Customer service Highly recommended to beginners as well as professionals. There is no words to describe this nice software you can do what ever you want but you have to be patient to know your ways around it by learning basic first. once you know how to work with it the sky is limit.

System Requirements
Supported OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/Windows 8 Processor: Intel or AMD processor, 1GHz or above RAM: At least 512M physical RAM
  • Timeline-based video editing provides full control over every element.
  • Easy to use
  • Add text templates, 300+ effects, PIP, Auto Enhancer and transitions you like to favorites.

  • Audio/Video don’t sync when editing and occasionally jumps around after splitting video clips.


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